Wednesday, July 23, 2014

date night: pane bianco

monday was a really great day. it is spencer's day off so we went swimming, took the girls to the planes movie, took naps, frozen yogurt and then we got to go on a date! i literally LIVE for dates nowadays. it's just that with these two rascals running around, we can hardly get a word in edgewise and i crave that one-on-one time with my man. it's so refreshing for me personally to feel that connection with spencer and also, we usually go to some place special like pane bianco!

this place is located on central in downtown phoenix. quaint and unexpectedly delicious. we loved it. i mean, we did feel a little out of style with all of those hipsters and cool kids staring at us, but who cares. maybe we will be more stylish again someday when we aren't hanging by a thread in survival mode :) (its not really that bad, but the no sleep thing... well that is really starting to get to me.. you know, since london will be a YEAR next month :((( )

so we started with this salad and i don't think i'll ever be satisfied with another salad in my whole life. each ingredient was so perfect in every way, there wasn't even any lettuce! i have to go back as soon as possible and somehow learn how to make it. also, homemade croutons. omg.

we decided to get the salami and olive pizza. because we are not stupid people. it was just as you're imagining it. salty and perfect.

afterwards we went into lux coffeebar next door. i wish the light wasn't so bad because that place is hip. i want this couch i saw in there, its a leather tufted, light tan, half circle couch. to die for. we sat outside and enjoyed our cherry tart and talked for awhile before heading back to real life. i just love date night.

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