Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple Floral Jars: Party Decor DIY

This weekend was a busy one. I photographed a wedding and helped my mom get ready for Hayley's homecoming party. We decided we had to have flowers and so we made these floral jars to put on her mantle in the living room.

1. The 99 cent store has these cute colored glass jars. We chose 10 of the green and blue for Hayley.

2. Go to the grocery store and pick a few bunches of your favorite flowers. We went to Trader Joes and they still had a few peonies, plus roses, stalk and dahlias! 

3. Fill the jars half way with water and start cutting down the flowers. Don't cut them too short because you can always go shorter but you can't get any length back ;)

4. We added one peony, one dahlia, a couple stalks of white, one rose and a few of those green accent flowers to fill in spaces. 

5. Greenery really helps to make a backdrop for the pops of color. We only had a couple of these huge leafs but the jars that we put them in turned out to be our favorites.

6. Arrange on the mantle or anywhere else and enjoy as the flowers open!

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