Saturday, June 21, 2014

10 things about my 10 month old: LONDON

1) she doesn't sleep good.
2) she is the softest thing i've ever felt. and that's saying something because i've felt gretta.
3) one tooth JUST barely broke thru on the bottom
4) she nursed until a couple weeks ago. we are both good with it. it was wonderful while it lasted!
5) gretta is her very best friend and she wants her around at all times
6) food is a good distraction and will cheer her up pretty fast
7) she has a good sense of humor, we laugh pretty hard together
8) she is pulling herself up to standing while holding onto the couch, my legs, the walls, anything:)
9) i miss her when i leave, (if i ever leave). and i think she feels the same.
10) she needs a baby brother straight away ;) (spencer does not agree haha)

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