Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the ocean

while on our california trip, we went to the oceanside pier to walk around and kill some time. it was spencer's only day there and he had to get a little bit of ocean breeze in his system before he drove us right back to the desert. to be honest, i'm not so sure about busy piers like this. it was super fun to look down right into the water and show the girls the surfers. gretta really wanted to see a shark! but at the same time, spencer and i both agreed that those places are too busy for us and it makes it hard to enjoy the ocean when there are so many people... (i.e. shady characters, scary guys and freaks) all around.

but still, who can really dispute the beauty of that water? i love the color so much i want an entire room painted to match! also, can we talk about how brave surfers are? i can't deal with a whole ocean floating beneath me AT ALL.

 ^^^gretta likes to hitch her arm up when i take her picture now? maybe she knows something we don't about looking cute for the camera? haha

^^^one legged seagull and my dramatic 3 year old

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