Sunday, August 3, 2014


london turns 1! i turn 28! and spencer turns 32! that's why i love this month so much. also, monsoons. it's such a moody month, so therefore, i made a moodboard! this board is part, what i want for my birthday, part what i want to make and part what i want to eat and part how i want to act. sorry, that was an annoying way to describe something.

birkenstocks, angel food cake, hand sewn baby dresses, and being more loving to those i love. hopefully august will be full of all of these things. and rain. more rain please!

i remember when i turned 8 years old i still lived in lake havasu city. i had a pool party at my house and had my best friends come over. i don't know any of the presents i got except a cassette tape with the single "you say" by lisa loeb. i felt like the coolest girl ever because that was the kind of music my big sister lisa listened to. as the night went on i remember the storm rolling in. we stood under the patio in our swimsuits and listened to the rain on the pool and watched the lightening. that memory will forever stand in my mind as (and here i am about to get a little deep/weird) who i really want to be. i want to be alive in the elements, with partial clothing and wet hair, and good music and barfoot. that is my favorite feeling ever. (other than the feelings i get from snuggling my daughters and husband of course). there you have it, and now you know, all i want in life is to be naked in the rain.

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