Wednesday, August 6, 2014


tonight at 5pm my husband called me and said get the girls in the car and meet me on the 101. i had no idea anything was happening tonight so of course i was not dressed. and the girls were naked. but i obey my husband(usually) and got piled in the truck. he arranged a sitter (his mom) and took me to a fine restaurant.

i'm 28. and this year i have a couple goals. i will not get pregnant. i will get in shape. i will pay off debt.

shouldn't we all be a little selfish once in awhile? it doesn't really effect anyone else for the worse, so i'm going to take this year to do some things that are important to me.

it is now 9pm (we sure know how to party) and i'm about to jump into my squishy bed.

thank you and good night.

p.s. i like how we look airbrushed in this iPhone picture. i guess the built-in, auto self-enhancing editing option is a good one. 
p.p.s. that was sarcastic. i don't like airbrushing pictures and if you knew me at all you would already know that. 
p.p.p.s. but maybe i'm changing my mind because why the hell wouldn't i want to look perfect? i am being selfish this year after all.

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