Tuesday, July 8, 2014

peony images - for you!

i was reading in the book of mormon this morning in Moroni. such a beautiful scripture to start my day off. and so i thought i would write it on these flowers. because why not!? makes me want to be more loving. 

can you guess where i took these pictures? my mom had these three photos printed in 12x12 squares and on metal for her guest bathroom. they look amazing! i always order my photographic products through whcc.com because they are my favorite to work with and are always great quality. i think i'll be printing a great big one up for right above my computer really soon. super fun way to brighten up a room... peonies! or use them as a desktop background on your computer.

email me if you would like these pink peony images and i'll send them over... molliephoto@gmail.com

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