Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sugar rush

last night we had a relief society get-together.  my ward is pretty great. there are tons of new sisters just moving in from all over and they have young kids too, (and all of them pretty much didn't want to come to north dakota either, but we are all here anyway) so we all have lots in common. for the activity we all had to make our favorite dessert and bring it. then we did a get to know you game and sat and talked for hours. i love that kind of stuff. sugar rush AND adult conversation. perfect mix.

this is our dessert we made which is still sitting in the fridge because it is a pumpkin cheesecake and i can't do anything other than last minute. and in case you didn't know, cheesecake needs at least three hours to chill before you can eat it. now i know. it really wasn't a big deal because we had 2 long tables FULL of desserts.

this morning i'm trying to cleanse my sugar rush with cream of wheat. gretta is sitting here eating cinnamon toast crunch (we both had eggs too). let's see how long i go without eating some of the swedish fish in the cupboard.

gretta has come up with a new face. its her mad face. to me it just looks like a "trying not to smile while   impersonating mom" face. i can't handle her.

p.s. i haven't had a good long talk with my mom in like 3 days and it's giving me real anxiety. we talk a lot and i've decided she is my outlet for anything that i need to say and know that no one else will care about. she is good like that, always making me feel important. maybe that's why i'm blogging so much, because i need her to know every single thing i do.

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