Wednesday, November 14, 2012

mail days are the best days

i've been waiting on 4 packages in the mail for awhile (like 5 days). don't know what is wrong with the postal service in north dakota? maybe the freezing temperatures are reason enough to stop the mail. today two of the packages came!

my mom sent gretta the cutest dress, dr. suess books, her teddy bear and cute snowflake gloves. and then the square picture of us is actually an instagram book! it has all my instagram pictures in it and i am OBSESSED with it. is where i ordered it.

it was a beautiful 48 degrees outside and sunny again today when spencer woke up. hallelujah! spencer is working night shifts and he wakes up at about 1:30 so i went for another run because i need to take advantage of these good conditions. i finally have an iphone and the nike running app is super cool. today i had a small triumph in my running and i'm so excited about it.

before i had g, i did two triathlons and i remember my pace was not too shabby in the running parts. looking back, i really didn't have to do too much work to get that fast (i can only imagine how fast i could get if i actually did a training program). after having gretta, i became extremely slow. it was always such a struggle to run at all. i kept thinking i should be getting back to normal by now... what's going on... why am i so slow?!? today, i broke the slow cycle. and it didn't even hurt. i was splashing down those muddy road and i kept looking at my nike app in disbelief. as i came running into the driveway i saw gretta looking at me through the window with her hands up like i just won the race.

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  1. i like that gretta is your cheerleader:) kind of wishing for a little bit of that winter weather here in arizona!