Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas morn

gretta woke up to a panda bear and a walker toy. she was very happy with what santa brought her.

 then we went to church and had a beautiful sacrament meeting. we waited until after church and after a crepe party at my sister's house to open our pressies. that was a first for us, WAITING for our presents. it was actually really fun that way and made the excitement last a little longer :)

 my dad is the cutest santy clause around.
 hayley is cute too. 
 gretta got some alphabet flash cards from her mother. cuz you know, its about time she starts learning how to read. ha!
 mother's wrapping :)
 this is becoming a tradition i think. 
 jordy and nicole

hayley is a brat and got an iphone. 
 gretta fell asleep in the middle of the gift exchange. she always falls asleep at the most important times.

we had a wonderful christmas. thanks to both our families for being so gracious and loving to us on christmas and the WHOLE entirety of 2011. 

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  1. So i totally think your moms present wrapping it to beautiful to unwrap......and i think hayley is a brat too.