Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this winter, i refuse.

i saw this on someone else's blog. and i concur.
no offense.

however, this winter i do Not refuse to trying to find the perfect boot. my wish would be to find them in the Frye or Camper variety. But that would mean I would be spending an entire paycheck on one pair. I'm just going to blame it on the fact that one day we will be living in Germany (not phx) and I will not be able to survive without these, the perfect boots.
What kind of boots do you NOT refuse to wear?


  1. I'm sending this to my husband. Hilarious!! he despises uggs and workout wear when NOT working out ;)

  2. hahaha, this is too funny. you are way too stylish for me. i say flip flops all year round!

  3. i put my black uggs on to go out the other night and I thought why am i wearing these uggly shoes?? lisa

  4. BAHAHAHA! That video was hilarious. I hate Uggs - they are uggly! hahaha

  5. I love boots! Don't have a particular brand I can't live without, but I definitely can live without the UGGS. =] I have a mission too, to find the perfect boot this year. Fortunately, we got a DSW in Boise recently and they have a huge boot selection!