Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Break - Yes Please

I have many goals for this week. Running, Cleaning, Sewing, Doing nothing, Laying on the floor, Cooking, and Reading. I've done many of these so far... Plus! My mom and I made Gretta some homemade baby food yesterday. It was quite fun and this fruit from utah is so delicious.

Peaches: Peel, Chop, Mush.

Apples: Peel, Chop, Cook, Mush/Blend, EAT!


  1. i told you! i want my food on my blog to look as good as yours! even the baby food looks delish!

  2. Way to go Mollie! Hope you enjoy your fall break!

  3. YUM! We made grape jelly, that did not set. Yours was MUCH more successful!