Sunday, August 14, 2011

funny story

Last night around 5 PM, Spencer and I watched the movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." It was super good. It was super motivating. So motivating in fact, that it convinced us to go buy a juicer and to only eat fresh vegetable and fruit juices for the next ten days. For dinner we had a celery/kale/lemon/apple/spinach/cucumber/ginger juice concoction, called the "mean green machine". We are gonna detox and get healthy. And not to mention we are going to get skinny.

We were going to. Is more like it.

Around 2 in the morning I wake up and my stomach is so mad at me I felt like I was pregnant again. I had to eat a bowl of cereal right at that instant. We did have a juice for breakfast with all the fruit you can imagine. (It was actually really good). BUT, That was the end of our juicing extravaganza. Spencer totally would have kept going if I wasn't such a loser. At the moment I'm eating homeade banana cake with peanut butter/banana glaze dripping all down the sides. And I'm loving it. (But the only reason I'm NOT eating chocolate chip cookies is because we threw them away last night. And I'm really mad about that).

P.S. The mean green machine made me and is still making me want to throw up in my mouth.



  1. LOL. That is a funny story. I would like to have a blender/juicer for breakfast at least, but that wouldn't be something I would want to stick to for every meal, 10 day straight. I like solid food too much. =] P.S. That banana bread sounds really super delicious.

  2. that story is so funny. I want to blog funny things like that. i feel like a loser. I will post something funny soon. I want to be you and spencer. and that juice thing sounds disgusting. Nice try though.

  3. I want to try this juicy juice!