Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 30


These pictures are getting harder and harder for me to take.
This mornings photo shoot was especially traumatic.
Whose idea was it to take a picture of me every couple weeks
as I GROW tremendously?
What a horrible idea!
Because of the hideous outcome of today's photos
This particular photo, or more specifically this particular
ARM in the forefront of this photo...
has been photoshopped.
My arm is not that skinny.
I just wanted to be honest.
Love you.


  1. Mollie, you look beautiful and stop beating yourself up! You will do plenty of that when you are a mom! I love you, Mom

  2. I agree with your mom! You look great! Yeah for more belly pics! =] Love it Mollie, you're adorable, and you're little girl will be adorable too!

  3. Ha ha!! welcome to motherhood :) when are we taking pics??? give me a date! and destination!!

  4. YES! I am so happy to see that your hairs are not pixied and bleached blonde as I dreamed the other night. I love you and your offspring. I hope I will see you tomorrow!

  5. i think you are beautiful and i can't wait to see you little girl! she will be just as beautiful! i miss my mollie! i hope you haven't forgotten me!