Monday, January 10, 2011


my love for music.

Today I went on a walk up North Mountain. Spencer and i just got home from our Babymoon last night (details later) and we had flown ALL day long. I actually started crying on the last flight because I was so swollen and sick of being cramped. Our journey yesterday took us from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Orlando to Philladelphia to St. Louis to Phoenix. It was kind of a lot for a 30-week pregnant woman. The only solace I took was that I could order all the cran-apple juice I wanted and baby gurl would move like CRAZY every time I drank it :)

So this morning I wanted to walk. And swing my arms and roll my shoulders and never get on an airplane again. Until after I give birth to this little wiggle worm. Please watch Brian Regan "Airplane" for your enjoyment.....

Back to my story... The reason this walk was so different though, was because I actually turned on my iPod for the first time in AT LEAST 6 months. I used to LIVE on my music. When I was a single lady, music ruled my life. If I was driving Music was blaring. I went to tons of concerts every chance I got. I felt lonely if I didn't have my music.

Now Spencer is my music. He and i do everything together and for the longest time I haven't even thought about turning on all those old songs that I got so emotionally attached to. I was so EMO. I loved to listen to punk and feel sorry for myself. I loved to listen to hip-hop and dance with my roommates. Now I just talk to Spencer and he talks back.

So when I put in my earphones today and Brand New was shuffled on, I remembered how much I love listening. It gave me more energy to walk up 7th street and keep going around the North Mountain "loop". I loved it! Not to mention how much I picked up my pace when Carrie Underwood came on... and then Mary J. Blige and then Foo Fighters and I didn't even change it when Good Charlotte popped up. (I used to always change Good Charlotte. I don't even know how it's on my iPod).

What I'm trying to say is that a healthy appreciation for music is GOOD. And this will be one of my 2011 "things". To become acquainted with MORE GOOD MUSIC! Let the good times roll.


  1. haha you crack me up!! One of my favorite things about you is your ability to "bust a move." POP,LOCK, and Drop it baby!

  2. I'm surprised you remembered the band names. :) jk BUT I definitely agree with you... that's ALL I do. I always have to have music going. Hopefully one day I can be like you and have a different kind of music that actually listens and talks back to me. :)Love you!

  3. Are you really only down to about 10 more weeks! So crazy! That flight back home sounds torturous! Glad you got to get in a nice rejuvenating, music filled walk after. =]