Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This is our first Christmas Tree. It's cute. AND it's Real. We went to the lot and picked out the best one within the price range we could afford. The cheapest one they had. That's what we wanted. And that is what we got. It's SO short. You don't realize how short it is until you get a roof over it. HA! We love it.

This is Spencer after we decorated the tree. He decided that he is not going to cut his hair until the baby comes.

stay tuned for week 25 installment of "once a week for 40 weeks"... coming VERY soon.


  1. oh man! I've never noticed how much he resembles David Arquette...See Spot Run is one of our family's favorite movies!! heh heh.

  2. i love your tree, i love spencer's hair, i love you lamp and i especially love yo. call me noW!

  3. Good job on the real tree! That's the only way to go! =} Sadly, mine is not real this year, lameo I know. Can't wait for more belly pics!