Friday, November 12, 2010


Thursday and Friday I had days off of school. So up to Prescott we came and this is the fun that my mom and I are having today (while the guys are golfing, of course!) My mom made most of these for the baby and a couple for my nieces. They are pretty dang cute if you ask me!

The band on this is seriously the size of a scrunchie! So small and lovely. 

Love these colors. 
I want this one on her head. right now. 
i made this one. the big black dot is actually a burgundy velvet covered button.


  1. that mom of yours...I love her!! (especially when I am a recipient :)

  2. LOVE THESE! I cannot believe how cute they are! You guys should seriously think about selling some! You guys would do great. Just sayin'. :)

  3. can you please make my these when i have a girl! PLLEEEEEEASE! I llloooooooovvvee them!