Thursday, August 5, 2010

Student Teaching and an overabundance of Human Hormones

This week I started school. WELL... actually it's my last week of school. And my FIRST week of Student Teaching! I am at a Junior High with an awesome Art teacher named Jessica Carroll. I like her a LOT, we are going to have one heck of a semester.
It feels super good to be finishing up my second degree. Come December I will have so many options.

But in reality, my one and only viable and sure option will be to figure out how to push a baby out of me.

An overabundance of Human Hormones:
I hate the internet. It allows me TOO much information. The internet has made me aware that I have a huge-normous amount of Human Hormones (baby making hormones) surging through my body right now. This is why I wake up and want to throw up.

I guess i should feel lucky because I've only actually thrown up once (yesterday). But sometimes I wish could just barf it all out and be done with the nausea for the day. INSTEAD I slowly have to nurse my tummy back to normal with diet sierra mist and saltines. Below is a picture from the oh-so-informative internet (6 weeks along-ish?). Its kinda gross, sorry.

this is fun!

But oh my heck, don't let me fool you. I am so completely overflowing with happiness that I'm having a baby. Spencer is too. Today he kissed my belly and said I love you to our little one as he left for work. I love him.


  1. So Mollie, I was so sad when you didn't come to dinner on Thursday! I feel like I have to much to talk to you about! I am just thrilled that you are pregnant. Seriously...THRILLED.

  2. sheesh...I have the wrong blog on my google reader and I've been missing all the GOOD stuff! love the blakcberry cheesecake and salsa recipes...but not together...
    hope you're feeling does go away and get better