Saturday, July 9, 2016

North Dakota: Round 3. 3rd time's the charm.

We made it to Killdeer and things are good! We had a 3 day road trip and stopped at GramGram's in Ogden and then Billings the 2nd night. The girls were champion road trippers. Baby boy did great. Mom probably complained the most.

When we got here we stayed at Ashley's one night and then moved into our house! It is such a sweet little house with all re-modeled interior. Pretty finishes are probably saving me this time. It makes a big difference when you like to look at your house. It's not old and grungy like a lot of the houses here. And we have an amazing yard. With a hot tub. Nuff said.

We have been super busy since we got here. When moving, you basically have to spend all your money to get to a place of normalcy again. Utilities, double rent for a couple weeks, no deposit back on the last house, paying a deposit on the new house, switching over to verizon because sprint doesn't work here, getting food to fill the cupboards. And the list goes on. I just can't wait till everything balances out and we can get a firm grasp on our budget and start feeling less stressed again. It's pretty overwhelming.

So once we finally get settled in, we will be going to Glacier National Park with the Costley fam and camping in cabins. It will be so pretty there I can't wait. Then I'm on to AZ to have Baby boy. That is the other stressful thing, but I'm trying to take one day at a time and if I can make it to August 1st or so, I should be able to forget everything else and focus on bringing a baby into the world. I want to meet him so bad. I've been feeling more and more pain lately. I'm getting swollen and sore. But it will all be worth it. Now we need to pick a name for this little stinker pants!

Magnus, Boss, Olson, Robby, Cedar, any ideas!?????

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