Wednesday, October 8, 2014

indian summer

It has been hot since April when we moved back to Arizona. I have gotten used to it and I find myself forgetting what seasons and cold weather are. Today though, we woke up and got ready and went to the Arizona Science center with our good friends. It was sprinkling at our house and as we got nearer to downtown Phoenix it was raining pretty heavy. As we walked from the parking garage I got wet and I actually felt cold! I was holding a really fat little London and I cannot remember the last time that walking anywhere with London has not made me sweat. But I didn't sweat today, I was cold!

After our fun time at the Science center I had to go clean a lady's house and so I dropped the girls off with my sister in law. I drove to the house completely excited that this long summer is over. I daydreamed of wearing my beanies and sweaters that I still have from when my Mom used to buy me clothes. And let me tell you those were the days of absolutely adorable clothes.

Speaking of clothes, if I had or ever in the future HAVE money I will buy a lot of super nice clothes. Some people say they would spend their money on jewlery or nice cars or technology or tv's or something like that. I want clothes. I want really nice clothes. No more Old Navy, Target or Forever21. I'm going to Anthro, Zara and Nordstom. HAHA! I'm so shallow. Whatevs. P.S. my little girls have way nicer clothes than I do these days. :(

So this a post about summer! And how it is pretty much over here in the southwestern United States. Hallelujah!!

Summer is always my favorite. Until Fall comes around. 
And if you didn't already notice, these pictures have nothing to do with my writing. Which also had no real flow to it either. Thank you, thank you very much.

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