Tuesday, September 16, 2014

21 Day Primal Challenge

Disclaimer: I love doughnuts.

That being said, I wanted to document here that I've been recently doing a 21-day Primal Lifestyle challenge. I haven't been perfect this time, last week I had 4 days on track and then the weekend was half on track and half off. But I'm still sticking with it. I have done this before and I always feel so amazing while doing it. I lost 8 pounds before when I did it and I have kept that off. I feel less bloated and have more energy. This time I've already lost 2 lbs, which doesn't seem like a lot, but the thing that is great is that I know it is going to stay off unlike some other diets that might only work for a short time and then you can't sustain those kind of eating habits.

Just to explain it a little more, Primal style eating in a nutshell is eating no processed food, and especially no processed "carbohydrates". The goal of this way of eating is to regain our bodies' natural ability to use our excess fat for energy. When we eat processed carbs, grains and sugars, our bodies are simply "sugar burners". The danger of doing this to our bodies over the years is that we have more of a chance to become obese, get diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I believe that because our Standard American Diet (SAD) is made up of grains and processed carbs, that is why these diseases are rampant in our culture. There is so much research that talks about the effect of insulin continuously being pumped into our system to balance out the sugars we ingest, and what effect that has on our bodies ability to function in the best way possible.  

So as I try to incorporate this lifestyle into our family's day to day, I hope it becomes easier and more like a habit. I know how I feel when I eat this way as opposed to the SAD diet and it is so worth it. I'm excited to share some fun recipes that I've been making here too. I just need to remember to take pictures before I scarf the meal down!!

Above is a great graphic that talks about what to eat and what to avoid. Mark Sission is a leading Primal researcher. He writes an awesome blog called "Marks Daily Apple." It has so many great tips and topics to read about. Also, my friend Briana has a blog where she runs these challenges and she is so awesome for heading these up. Her blog gives you things to try each day and keeps me so motivated! Check her out at beprimal.blogspot.com

Side note: The thing I like about Primal, as opposed to Paleo (although they are certainly very similar) is that you don't feel like you are on a trendy new diet. You get to eat as much as you want. You are encouraged to exercise but actually discouraged from becoming a gym rat or ultra runner. Do things that our ancestors would do, walk a lot, hike, only sprint once in a while (when running from a bear perhaps), and lift heavy things. The book "The Primal Blueprint" talks more about all of these tips and suggestions and why they are better for our bodies. I totally love everything about it. 

I wanted to write about it here so maybe I have one more thing to hold me accountable. I am ready to feel more energy and be myself again! I don't hate my body by any means. But I know that I do have some weight to loose and some bad habits to break. Plus I really want my girls to grow up healthy. Their little developing bodies deserve more than Lucky Charms and Mac n' Cheese. 

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