Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well our 3 birthdays of the month are over. Summer is coming to a close (kind of, not really here in Phx yet) and I am super excited for fall. I mean people are blowing my feeds up with sweatshirts and leaves on the ground and I'm living very vicariously through (thru?) them.

So first, I turned 28, then London turned 1 and then Spencer turned 32. I feel like we did pretty good with making the birthdays special. We can always improve though. Spencer's birthday was simple but he liked it. We had a rib dinner at home, cupcakes and singing and then went on a fun hike with the girls up by the new temple. Maybe someday we will give each other lavish gifts, but right now we are enjoying things being simple and sweet. I mean really though, we have two daughters and they will someday be teenagers, sooooo.... I'm scared of how birthdays are going to be at that point. I better start a "birthday" savings account right now for that;) Kidding.

But on that sort of topic, I would like to talk about how the social media world has exponentially grown consumerism in our day. Our culture is a non-stop consuming one. And at one point I was following close to 300 accounts on Instagram. Many of these accounts were bloggers, companies and products that I'm interested in. Seriously, I had to stop. Everyday I would go on that little app and be faced with so many tiny images of things that I REALLY wanted to buy and have delivered to my door right NOW! And guess what, it wouldn't have been hard for me to do that at all. But it is really hard to say no. And no again and no again and no, I will not be able to dress my kids that awesomely right now. And no, I will not be able to have that perfect pair of suede booties right now. Or that awesome personalized gold necklace. Or those hundreds of other things I wanted and still want.

So I decided to clean up the amount of people I follow and I unfollowed any accounts that made me feel that sense of "I need to buy this now!" It has helped so much. I feel like I sound like a addict right now. And I hardly shop! I really love going shopping, that is what me and my sisters and mom just do. But do we really need to feel that jealousy for all the things that other people have that we don't. I don't feel like I need a lot of things to make me really happy. So why am I allowing myself to feel bad because I see these people who I don't even know personally looking cooler than myself. Haha, it's just a weird phenomenon this world we live in.

I've been thinking a lot about this stuff lately and it feels good to write it down and let them out. Spencer and I are actually working really hard at the moment to pay off our debts and student loans and all that. We have been bitten by the Dave Ramsey bug and it's actually really freeing and fun! We talk without fighting about our money now, we actually budget, and we have goals for the future. I'm excited to reach those goals and make more along the way.

This concludes my somewhat hypocritical version of a soapbox I am unqualified to stand on. Thank you and goodnight.

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