Tuesday, June 24, 2014

on being gretta's mom

being gretta elise's mom. 
it comes with both give and take. good and bad. happy and sad.
she has passion, humor, corkiness, and drama. 
some days i loose my patience... (most days at least once or twice) with her constant need for that spark in her life. 
i don't believe she will be a lazy person. or a dud. 
i feel challenged by her, but more than in the normal mother/child way that toddlers challenge their parents. i feel this responsibility to show her that life is limitless. i need to give her those opportunities that will open her eyes to her full potential. this seems crazy for me to be thinking about when she is only 3 years old. but its because i don't have the tools i need yet so i have to start now! i have to look ahead to that day when she is going to realize she needs to be great at something to be happy.
i don't know who gretta will become. but at the very least i know she will bring LIFE to those around her. 
she makes my life so much better.
spencer and i are lucky to be a part of her journey :)

p.s. i lied in the previous post... she already has this swimsuit! and i can't get enough of her in it.

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