Thursday, May 8, 2014


there's just something about it. so free but dainty. rustic and romantic. i need lots of this at my future home. the landscapers are currently chopping the huge bushes down right now but i'm told they spring back up really fast thank heavens.

speaking of home. it feels good to be home. in arizona. i feel like i belong here. like i should really never leave again. and i don't think we will. unless its california haha.

 we have been swimming everyday. gretta now swims with floaties and its so awesome! london loves the water. i LOVE the water. i knew we had to have a pool this summer.

me and my mom are working on a fun project that will hopefully be a hit with lots of mom's out there. i'm excited to show what we are doing! i sure do love bouncing ideas off each other and working with her.

spencer works like a normal man, mon-fri 7-5. its actually taking getting used to. but in a good way. its REAL good. i'm happy for him.

trying to loose weight. ... still. i know it shouldn't matter but it does. i want to feel light again. and run and not have achy knees and sore feet. i never used to have that. extra weight really does have an effect on our bodies. and i can't imagine going any longer hauling it around. ouch :( 

here's to living the good life, normal schedules, flowers everywhere, swimming, and family just down the road. 

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  1. Sounds like things are going wonderfully down in Arizona! Those flowers are beautiful and I wish I had some in my yard!