Saturday, February 22, 2014

longing for flowers

 these two are saipua, my favorito

what if you had unlimited funds for your hobbies. what would you do? i have a running list right now of the things i want to try my hand at. i've done a little of a lot of things because i went to college for visual arts AND have been a photographer for 5 or so years. but i want to get more experience with these things right now...

- Flowers! I want to touch, cut, pick, smell and arrange flowers.
- Make/Design Baby clothing! And why shouldn't I? I have 2 great models right here with me.
- Paint on Wood. Just for fun.
- Here's a big one, but what can I Say? I want to plan someone's wedding. Seriously.

Maybe I'm dreaming too big? But I don't care. I'm gonna figure out a way to do all this stuff and I'm not even scared.

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  1. If I ever get married, then you can plan my wedding! haha.