Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of july in killdeer

warning: too many photos. but the truth is that I haven't taken my nice camera out to shoot anything just for myself in quite sometime. and so i'm excited that these are my memories. i might have got a little carried away. so we had a great night over in killdeer at the block party. and the pictures of the fireworks are not showing the full extent of the damage done. they were insane up in there. and we had the ashes in our hair to show for it (and all over our food). glad we made it up in time for the 4th!


dirt salad anyone?^^

way too much meat^^



karaoke all night long^^  


this was all the trash on the ground after only 10 mins of fireworks... they lasted almost 3 hours!^^^ 



 shooting down the floating lanterns with other fireworks was the best!^^

 daddy even got to walk over from the office for a bit of the show:)^^

happy fourth! i feel especially patriotic this year because of what happened in my hometown of Prescott. sending love to those back home!

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