Saturday, April 13, 2013

22 weeks along and.... is it over yet?

with my first pregnancy, i just about loved everything about it. i was totally into taking maternity pix and writing notes to the baby. 

this time around... 
not so much. 
and i know that sounds bad to lots of women out there.
some even try to make me feel bad about it by gushing over how much they LOVE
EVERY single thing about being pregnant.

to those "magical pregnancy unicorns" out there. i'm calling bullshit!
(if you haven't watched "what to expect while you're expecting" go get it NOW, especially if you're pregnant)

it's not that i don't think growing a baby is the most amazing thing i could ever do.
i KNOW it is.
no matter how hard i try, this will be the most amazing thing i ever do.
but i still have my days when i'd rather be doing ANYTHING else than this.
like jumping roping. or wearing my cute jeans. or sleeping flat on my tummy! 

so here i go. i'm making a list of all the things that i don't like about pregnancy. 
lucky for anyone who reads this!
(to my 2nd daughter, this has absolutely nothing to do with you, you sweet buttercup you)

1. i LOVE sleeping on my tummy, WAHHHH!!!!
2. i hate maternity clothing.
3. i've had really bad back pain. real bad.
4. gretta jumps on my belly and it HURTS!
5. my butt gets as big as my belly.
6. i have no idea where i will be delivering this baby, and that makes me stressed.
7. i cry all the FREAKING time.
8. i blame spencer for things even when there is nothing wrong.
9. stretch marks.....
10. all i want to eat is hamburgers and steaks. and thats gross.
11. oh and all i want to eat is oreos too. thats gross too.
12. my hair is not growing that fast despite what everyone else says.
13. i tired.

ok that's enough for now.
how bout a happy pregnancy list. just so you think i'm sane.

1. i love when she kicks. so gentle, so cute.
2. i love imagining what she will look like!
3. i'm finally showing enough so it doesn't just look like chubbiness :)
4. i feel important
5. can't wait to try nursing again

thank you blogosphere, for letting me unleash my inner most (embarrasing) feelings.
i really needed to get that out.


  1. um Yeah I see another beauty in the making. I wonder what she looks like too! If it makes you feel better, I hated everything about pregnancy, though I was dead for most of it, but even when I felt go\od, I hated it. I was soooo anxious all the time, but too lazy and tired to fix or work on anything. I hated sleeping on my side all the time. Hated sleeping in general! oh, and I cried everyday. I applaud moms who have the courage to grow another baby while taking care of another kid cuz i'm sure it's hard work. Keep up with the amazingness and cute baby-making. Keep posting updates, and belly pics. Those are my fave!!

  2. Mollie, I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congratulations! I loved this post. Your honesty is refreshing :)

  3. Amen. Pregnancy is not my favorite. Gretta is a supermodel so I am so excited to see what #2 will look like! I heard that you might be driving down for our waffle party tomorrow and I hope that is true!!!!

  4. Congratulations on this exciting news! Sorry that it's been such a rough pregnancy. I'm sure she will be just as beautiful as her big sister!