Wednesday, November 9, 2011


when gretta was a wee one, barely having left my womb, i was a mess. i'm still a mess. but back then i was really a mess. like the kind of mess that seems it will never be straightened out. sometimes my room gets this way and it takes a life-altering experience to clean it up.

back to my point. i was a mess for the entire month after i gave birth to my firstborn. she took all my sense of security, all my smart thinking, all my happy thoughts out of me as she left the birth canal. i was not prepared for what it is to be a mom. i was not prepared in the least.

there was one thing that might have helped a LITTLE bit in this process. and that is if gretta would have taken a binky. i realize this now and i have metaphorically hit myself in the head for not trying harder to get her to take the stinkin' thing!

well now that gretta is 7 months, now that i am somewhat back to my air-headed self and now that she is quite the little angel of a girl... she now takes a binky. one day she just started sucking the nasty little nipple and it stuck. i really don't get it. this simply re-enforces the fact that i have no idea what i'm doing half the time. but i guess gretta does.

oh and these are from our pinic saturday. we are pretty cool people sometimes. 


  1. yes you are cool people. i like those pictures. your blogs are always so funny. I like that she now takes a binkie.....but what the heck! I like forced brynn to have a binkie....she always gives me this nasty look every time I put it in her mouth like it tastes bad or something. But I love mollie. she is an angel binkie or no binkie.

  2. Haha! Is Gretta the cutest ever or what? Is Gretta under that blanket in the BOB? I lover her socks!

  3. Love those black and white pictures of her! ADORABLE!

  4. She is so adorable. I tell ya, something to suck on is the best thing EVER! Brooke still sucks her thumb but it gives her just the comfort she needs when she is tired. I don't know what I would do without it!