Saturday, September 24, 2011


gretta is 6 months old yesterday. a half of a year has gone by since she was introduced to this planet. i don't know how to feel about this. a bit sad that its going by so quickly, a bit excited for her to crawl and eat human food and talk and walk.
we think she is pretty swell. we also sometimes are late for parties and work and church and things because we can't stop staring at her, or trying with all our might to make her laugh.
she looks just like spencer, or so people say. and she sometimes says da-da already. but i'm not jealous because my baby pictures can easily be confused with hers. she is both a mama and a daddy's girl. and we do fight over who she likes the most.
gretta. you are the coolest. we hope you like the life we are trying to give you. happy half birthday. We love YOU.

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  1. i LOVE HER! Can i have a dress just like that one! She is so adorable! Your right, she is getting big way too fast! How do we stop this!!??!?!