Thursday, June 16, 2011

emily comes to phx

it was only for 1 day but we enjoyed every minute of it.

cheesecake factory

swimming... chubby thighs for your viewing pleasure (both of ours:)
cutest new swimsuit that i want in my size!
cute chair in victoria's secret
gretta loves emily. and so do i.


  1. i'm so lame. i should have been in these pictures. i love emily.

  2. What a cutie pie in a cutie bathing suit. Emily looks great! Glad she could come to visit. Love, grammy

  3. Oh my gosh Greta is so cute!!! Let's get she and Mollie together so they can start bonding already!

  4. So jealous she got to see your baby girl, and so jealous you two got to hang out! Glad you had fun!