Thursday, March 10, 2011

you might could imagine

if you look in the upper right hand corner of this blog you might could imagine the anticipation spenmo is feeling at the moment. actually, it is more than just anticipation, it's pressure... LOTS of pressure. it's swelling, LOTS of swelling. it's leaking, LOTS of leaking. only 12 days left to wait. i'm learning to be patient.

some people might not care how my reproductive organs are doing so i apologize for the following information. i just want to remember and record how this my first labor progressed.

2 weeks ago i got my first "check up" at the doctor. i was dilated to a one, and 50% effaced. i was so surprised that anything was even happening and so we went on a wild crazy shopping spree that didn't end until this monday. we got a washer and dryer, baby sleepers, blankets, crib accessories, and car seat stuff. we still need a rocking chair but we feel bad buying anything else right now... at least for a day or two. it's really weird to not spend hardly any money for like a year, and then all of the sudden spend thousands of dollars. it feels a little wrong for some reason. but we just need to get over that because baby needs lots o' STUFF!

this week i went back to the doc and got another "check up". i go every tuesday now. this time i was dilated to a 2 and still 50-60% effaced. the baby is very low in the pelvis! so the doc says "you could go into labor tonight" ... WHAT?!?!!! then he says, "or you could go in two weeks". thanks doc, for all your highly informative info.

i can't really breathe anymore and my feet look like balloons because the baby cuts off all the circulation to my bottom half when i sit down. and i sit down a lot. haha. i was so into exercising for most of the pregnancy but now i have no motivation to get out there. water aerobics with the old ladies even seems like too much. i figure if there is ever a time in my life when i shouldn't feel bad about being lazy, it is now. so i'm embracing my lazy ways by watching whole movie series such as "Anne of Green Gables" on our new Apple TV. i cried every 5 minutes yesterday as i watched and it was glorious.

(p.s. Apple TV is the bomb. we highly recommend it.)

WELP, that's that for updating. no pictures this time. Everyone say a PRAYER that my baby doesn't come before sunday. I'm going out of town (las vegas) to photograph my cousins wedding this weekend. I am really nervous about it because i'm an idiot and no one told me that this was a very bad idea. if i have my baby in vegas, without spencer, i will probably have a nervous breakdown.



  1. Good luck! I know what you mean about the shopping spree after you hear you are that far along. I hope she stays in, but can't wait to see pictures. Then I can't wait for our two kiddos to grow up and get married ;)

  2. Hmm interesting that you have Anne on YOUR apple TV...'cause I have Anne on MINE...wonder if theres some apple cosmic connection??

  3. You're so close!!! Oh my goodness!!! I hope baby girl stays in her warm little liquid home until after you get back from Vegas. Good luck! I'm anxiously waiting to see pictures of her, but probably not as anxiously as you are. =] Love ya Mollie!

  4. Oh I can't wait to see lil Baby Costley!! Good luck!!