Friday, February 25, 2011


we MOVED due to a series of unfortunate events which somehow have ended up very fortunate indeed.

we are so happy in our new place. we feel safer. we drive less. we have a garage AND a big patio.

i also threw away all the sweets in my house today. i have eaten three packages of oreos in the last 2 weeks and i feel like a piece of crap. not to mention the m&m's, chocolate ice cream, and cinnamon rolls. my baby probably hates me right now. NO MORE sweets mollie. seriously.

pregnancy note! i finally felt some braxton hicks this week, and i was SO HAPPY! the baby is head down and i'm dilated to a one (as of tuesday). i go to the doctor every tuesday now. it will be exciting to see how this thing progresses.

so yes. we are on to healthier and safer lifestyles. living the life. getting ready for our world to be rocked by the new human about to be put into our care. and into this crib

and into this blanket

here are some pix from our trip to florida.

the ritz carlton on Key Biscane.... thank you ASHLEY.
on our way to the best italian restaurant any of us had ever tasted.
art deco in miami, south beach

p.s. sorry for the crappy pix. my camera got stolen and my replacement is on the way!
love ya


  1. cute blanket! your third paragraph on here is linked to a picture that doesn't go with what you talking about.... oops? When I was prego I really liked the combo of Cheetos and Chocolate Milk (eaten separately but together). Haven't had them since but kinda sounds good right now! I am so excited for your baby girl to come, you will be so happy (after you get some sleep of course).

  2. Oh yeah, and I just remembered that Johnny and I were at Walmart once while I was prego and I was going to get just a donut but ended up buying a whole chocolate cake. hahahaha

  3. Love your little baby girls crib and that blanket is so cute!