Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What do you do?

When you spend $121.09 on groceries and come home and say to your spouse, "We don't have anything to eat!!?"

This is something that happens to us on a regular basis. We absolutely have no idea how to go grocery shopping.

Either that, or I don't want to expend any effort to make something edible.

Ya, that's probably it, and that's probably why we are fattys in the making. (We've been eating out a lot lately). But NOT ANYMORE!

I told myself I'm going to be better and get back to my old self of loving to cook and cooking several times a week.

Tonight on the menu: is something I made a few months ago, but it was so good I want it right now. And tomorrow and the next day.

Grilled Steak with Onion Blue-Cheese Sauce. (click here for recipe)

Its all about the sauce. I could care less about the steak....the sauce like heaven on a plate.

P.S. about my BABY BUMP. It's not really doing anything lately. I can hardly tell i'm prego sometimes. Only when I eat a big meal and my belly bloats out about 6 inches for the night. Its fun times.

Can't wait to get an ultrasound! October 6th is the appointment so I should have more news then. BYE.

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