Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm blogging right now. . .

even though I just brok a horrible fever in the ASU library earlier today.
I'm blogging right now and I just finished a 15-page research paper for a final which makes no sense at all because of the weird Fever episode.
I'm blogging right now even though I'm starving and thirsty and my back hurts from sitting on this chair.
I'm mainly blogging right now because I want to write about the dinner I made this other night. Click on the titles for the recipes.

It was really good. And I'm starving.

Would it be ridiculous if I went to Culinary Arts School instead of finishing my Master's Degree? All I really want to do is cook and EAT what I cook. Is that too much to ask??


  1. MmmmMmmmmMmmmm! That looks so dang delicious! Can I come over and eat what you're cooking, cause I love me some good food! I don't think that would be crazy if you went to Culinary Arts School, but I think it would be a little crazy to do that before you finish your Master's :) But, I can't blame you, I want to cook good food and eat it too. :)

  2. um, quit school so you can make me food. you know i will eat it (unless it's Thai)..... =-)

  3. i think that means your pregnant!