Monday, April 5, 2010

i don't know what i'm doing anymore

this will be an annoying post, full of self pity.
i have a very high anxiety level today. 
i don't like it. 
i feel like a chicken with my head cut off. i barely fulfill my school responsibilities. and that is probably the cause of most the anxiety. because i usually always do my best in school.
plus i'm getting married in 18 days. WHO the HECK would want to do homework at a time like this? i don't. i want to stare at my wedding decorations. and stare at spencer. 
so here is a list of stuff i have to get done, let's hear it for mollie getting stuff done!::
burn 100 CD's
design labels
get temple items
get wedding dress
bridal shoot
marriage license
utility accounts for our apartment
an egregious amount of homework
eat less
wear high heels at least once so my feet don't break off on the wedding day
get a massage
get a pedicure
get a manicure
hotel rooms
get a JOB

sorry if this offends anyone


  1. Oh Mollie! If anyone is offended by your post then they need to go jump off a cliff. :) Sorry things are so stressful right now. I'm sending good thoughts your way so you can get all of your to do things done! I can't believe you are down to just 18 days! SO EXCITING!!! It's going to fly by, especially with all the things you have on your list to get done. You'll get it done, I know you will. Wanna know why? CAUSE YOU ROCK!!! Here's to fewer stress free days and only 18 more days until you get to stare at Spencer for all of eternity. :)

  2. Just drop out. Spencer will support you. Sorry what I meant to say is that you are almost there!!!!

  3. love that pic...its almost naughty hehe i def think it should have been the one hanging up for the reception!!!