Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One More Month to Wifeydom

That means 31 more days until my name isn't Mollie Mckown anymore. My initials won't be MEM never again. The records of the church will be have to be changed. I will have to get a new driver's license. I will have to think of a new signature.
Such fun and exciting things are in store for my future. It's gonna be SAWEET!

Spencer doesn't really have to much to worry about or change. Except for a few three things which are definitely of note... namely;
1) he will have to get used to his house NOT smelling like B.O. and rotting food. (because of his roommates, not him)
2)He will have to get used to putting the toilet seat down.
4) He will have to change his love of solitude, because I'm going to be sitting and staring at him for the rest of our lives!:)

-Mollie Elise Costley


  1. well now your initials will be MAC - AWESOMEness! hmm a little creepy that you'll be staring at me and what happened to number 3? YAY for the house actually smelling like a home and not a boy's den =)

  2. Wow, only one more month! How exciting! I think Spencer is pretty lucky to have you to stare at him for the rest of your lives. :) And I'm glad that his house won't smell like B.O. anymore, even more glad that he's not the cause. :) Can't wait to see photos from your big day since I won't get to be there in person. :(