Monday, January 25, 2010

a few things i love about spencer richard costley

he puts up with me

he makes me laugh really hard
he is laid back and patient
he is a model
he is kind
his cheekbones when he laughs
just to name a few


  1. these pre wedding posts are just so freakin sweet. i love you guys! i wish i could hang out with you two all the time like you hung out with me and russ! I mean GEEZZZZ Russ and Spencer have to be BEST FRIENDS! How is that going to happen if we can't even hang out!! Well you can just have a baby and live in Phoenix forever and ever and I will be your neighbor. that would be heaven. So anyways, i just miss you adn I'm glad you like your pictures on the bridemaid facebook group. haha. i knew you would just love me. I have some REAL funny ones. I can bust those out you know. So if you ever make me mad I am going to make a HUGE poster and hang it in the front of your house so everyone can see it. okokokok that is mean I would not do that but I would show spencer. Did I tell you how much i love him. it keeps growing. Just tell him to treat you like a princess and everything should be fine! hahaha, i want to keep TYPING because I wish i could talk to you in REAL LIFE because i miss your face and your squushy tush, and your dance moves, and your weird food loves, and you scent, and your camera, and your hugs, and your smile. Man I am obsessed with you. and spencer. the end.

  2. Love, Love, Love this post. And I love, love, love the pictures. The first one is my favorite! So glad you found someone that makes you so happy in so many ways! P.S. I love, love, love you too!

  3. Mollie! I am ever so happy for you! Congratulations! You two look so perfect for each other. What a darling couple you make. Lindsey said that she got to meet Spencer and really loved him. Can't wait to see you again.